Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This swine fever thing......

So I thought I was going to use this blog to post funny news articles and make comments on them but with everybody so tied up with this "swine fever" thing there really hasn't been anything funny to read or write about. So I'm going to follow with the mainstream media and talk about this issue. My comment about the "illness" is that it is a lot of media hype. There are a lot of diseases that cross borders and infect people. Yes it is alarming that this is a mutated strain of a flu but it is no reason to cry "chicken little". The sky is not falling if everyone takes a step back and remember to practice basic hygiene.

Perhaps I am spoiled because I live in Toronto and we saw our own issues a few years ago. We were affected by SARS. Of course my life did not change much. I remember being told that when I entered a hospital to always sanitize my hands. Oh and also at church (when I went) the priest excluded the practice of shaking hands with our neighbours. No biggy really.

So I think the same thing can apply here too. There is no reason to panic. It will last a couple of months and yes unfortunately some people will die. This is a fact of life. However there are always people dying all the time. As George Carlin in his comedy standup so eloquently put it "There is someone committing suicide every 30 seconds somehwere". So really a few people dying is not out of the ordinary in my opinion.

The point is we all have to do our best to prevent further spreading of the illness. However to cause global panicking I think is not the answer.

Actually, this is a little morbid but my favourite part of these global crisises are the recovery activities. The best are the global musical concerts. I remember SARSSTOCK here in Toronto and of course there was LIVE8. So everyone should cheer up because the party afterwards will be huge.